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Director of Hansel, Joshua Smith, Discusses Company’s Sustainable Practices and Overcoming Challenges

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Today, we had the opportunity to interview Joshua Smith who is a Directorat Hansel.

Welcome to our interview with Joshua Smith, Director of Hansel, an eco-friendly gift packaging company. With extensive experience in the environmentally-conscious market, Joshua and his fellow director, Charlotte Smith, have made significant investments in rebranding and positioning Hansel as a leading player in the industry. In this interview, Joshua shares how Hansel has worked to reduce its environmental impact through sustainable practices and the challenges they have faced in implementing these practices. Despite these challenges, Hansel remains committed to sustainability and has overcome them through innovation, education, and collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Interviewee Name: Joshua Smith

Company: Hansel

Joshua Smith’s favourite quote:

The Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your backstory?

Joshua Smith : As a new director of Hansel, I bring extensive experience from the environmentally-conscious market. Along with my fellow director, Charlotte Smith, we have made significant investments in rebranding and positioning the company as the leading player in the eco-friendly gift packaging sector. We understand the importance of sustainable practices in today’s world and are committed to ensuring that Hansel is at the forefront of eco-friendly solutions. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to provide customers with innovative and sustainable gift packaging options while making a positive impact on the environment.

In what ways has your company worked to reduce its environmental impact, and what results have you seen from these efforts?

Joshua Smith : We at Hansel have made significant efforts to reduce our environmental impact. One of our main initiatives is to use sustainable materials in all our products. All our products are 100% plastic free as well as being recyclable or biodegradable, our wrapping paper is crafted from recycled materials, which significantly reduces waste and environmental pollution. At Hansel we encourage our customers to adopt sustainable practices by providing information on the environmental impact of their products and offering alternatives that are better for the environment. As a result of these efforts, we have received positive feedback from customers who appreciate our commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, our efforts have helped to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in the gift wrapping industry.

What challenges have you faced in implementing sustainable practices, and how have you overcome them?

Joshua Smith : One challenge we have faced is the lack of awareness and demand for sustainable products among customers. To address this, we have taken proactive steps to educate their customers on the benefits of sustainable products and their environmental impact. We have also launched marketing campaigns to promote their sustainable products and raise awareness of sustainability issues. Overall, we have a strong commitment to sustainability and have overcome challenges through innovation, education, and collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

Leaders Perception would like to thank Joshua Smith and Hansel for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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