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Interview with Jamie Mitri from Moss Pure: Founder and CEO Shares Journey to Success and Inspiration from Mentors

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Welcome to our interview with Jamie Mitri, the Founder and CEO of Moss Pure. Jamie is an entrepreneur with a background in Chemical Engineering and Biology, who has developed a groundbreaking product that combines science and art. Moss Pure is the world’s only live moss air filter and stress relief device, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal for homes and offices. In our conversation, Jamie shares the challenges she faced in bringing her innovative product to market, the mentors who have guided her along the way, and her personal definition of success. Join us as we delve into Jamie’s inspiring journey and learn valuable insights on achieving success in life.

Interview with Jamie Mitri from Moss Pure: Founder and CEO Shares Journey to Success and Inspiration from Mentors

Interviewee Name: Jamie Mitri

Company: Moss Pure

Jamie Mitri’s favourite quote: Never give up. It’s cliche but it’s something that I tell myself every day.

The Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your backstory?

Jamie Mitri : I’m an Entrepreneur with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology. I spent my career developing and manufacturing medical devices and biotechnology products used in the ICU of hospitals, overseeing environmental compliance, including air pollution and wastewater, and more recently as a project manager focusing on business strategy and marketing.

I founded my company, Moss Pure, at a startup competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in June 2020, where it won First Place Startup (MIT Lebanon Challenge). I then participated in the United Nations Development Programme, where Moss Pure won Top 10 Startup Worldwide in August 2020. Most moss companies use preserved or dried moss which is no longer living. Moss Pure is the world’s only live moss air filter and stress relief device, while acting as an aesthetically pleasing decor piece in your home and office. No watering, sunlight, or maintenance is needed as Moss Pure’s proprietary engineering sustains the live moss with the product itself, working in synergy to allow moss to obtain its nutrients from the air and become an air filter. I use both my engineering and science skills in the upstream process of the assembly of each piece, where the multi-layered air filter is built, and then I use my passion and skill in fashion and interior design in the downstream process to produce a unique, aesthetically pleasing art piece for your space. For more information, visit

Overcoming obstacles is often a part of the journey to success. Can you tell us about a particular challenge you faced and how you navigated through it to ultimately achieve your goals?

Jamie Mitri : I am a first time entrepreneur and I have such an innovative product. There’s nothing like Moss Pure out there. We are the only company to use 100% living moss as a certified air filter and stress relief device. No watering is needed. On top of that, I made a scientific device aesthetically pleasing despite all of the biology and engineering that I’ve created for the product. I’ve had to be creative with marketing and getting Moss Pure’s science out there. When I started Moss Pure, other moss companies were just adding dead moss to a frame and making false claims that their product was an air filter with no lab testing or science to back it up. If you just add moss to a decor piece, it won’t survive for more than a few days and it will need excessive watering. Moss Pure isn’t just adding moss to a frame. We use a lot of science to keep the moss alive in our product design and without needing watering. We also have certified analytical results showing that every square foot of our live moss air filter captures 300,000 ppm of carbon dioxide in minutes. Moss Pure also captures millions of pollutant particles such as allergens, dust, toxic gases, pet dander, metals, bacteria, and viruses. No other company has certified air quality results from a U.S. laboratory. As an Environmental Engineer, when I saw that other companies were making false claims without certified lab testing to back it up, I knew I was going to make sure Moss Pure passed air quality testing and that we had results to share with our customers. And that’s exactly what I did. I also explain our science on social media. Getting the word out and word of mouth from our customers – who love our products, has really helped us grow.

Many people draw inspiration from the stories of others. Are there any individuals or mentors who have played a significant role in guiding or supporting you along your journey? How have they impacted your perspective or approach to success?

Jamie Mitri : One of my mentors, Amanda Basse, has really helped me on the marketing front. As I mentioned, Moss Pure is such an innovative product and I had to be creative with marketing. Amanda and I worked on specific strategies that worked and that would allow me to explain Moss Pure’s story and science with our customers. I’m very fortunate in that I am surrounded by other entrepreneurs and I love to learn from them. I’m like a sponge, taking in information and growing as an entrepreneur.

Success can mean different things to different people. How do you define success personally, and what advice would you offer to others who are striving to achieve their own version of success in life?

Jamie Mitri : For me, success is being content and doing what you’re passionate about. If you had 3 days to live, how would you want to spend it? We are here for a short time and we should grasp every minute of it and do what we really are passionate about. Money is important but it will come and go. Your happiness is what matters.

Leaders Perception would like to thank Jamie Mitri and Moss Pure for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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