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Fighting for Justice: Insights from John Berry, CEO of Berry Law

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Interviewee Name: John Berry

Company: Berry Law

Position: CEO

Linkedin Profile: linkedin.com/in/john-berry

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Join us as we delve into the world of military advocacy and legal expertise with John Berry, the CEO of Berry Law. With a unique background in both the military and law, John is dedicated to championing the rights of veterans in and out of the courtroom. In this illuminating interview, we explore the leadership principles that drive effective communication within remote teams. Discover how John’s communicative and empowering leadership style fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among team members, bridging the communication gap that can hinder effective collaboration. Moreover, John emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to avoid toxic productivity and sets an example for his employees. Get ready to gain insights from a true advocate for justice as we uncover the wisdom shared by John Berry, the visionary CEO of Berry Law.

The Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your backstory?

John Berry : As CEO of Berry Law and with both a military and a law background, I fight for veterans in the courtroom and beyond.

How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration among remote team members? Can you share any specific tools or practices that have been particularly effective for your organization?

John Berry : Entrepreneurs need to lead by example, which can be accomplished through their leadership style. Leaders that are communicative without being overbearing, that encourage their team members to take initiative without being vague or lackluster — those are the leaders that are promoting effective communication amongst their remote teams. Especially in a remote work environment, an entrepreneur has the additional task of bridging the communication gap that can grow quite wide and rupture effective teamwork and collaboration. The more you encourage the communication between team members, through whatever online workspaces you choose to utilize, the more you’ll bolster a sense of community and camaraderie, and the more effective teamwork you’ll see occur.

Maintaining work-life balance can be challenging in a remote work environment. What strategies do you recommend for remote employees to create boundaries between work and personal life? How can organizations support their employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance?

John Berry : Avoid toxic productivity by not only encouraging a separation of work and personal life, but actively maintaining your own healthy work-life balance. Again, a huge part of leadership is being an example to your team. Taking care of and prioritizing your work-life balance will instill that same priority within your employees.

Leaders Perception Magazine would like to thank John Berry and Berry Law for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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