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Jesse Samberg, Founder of Third Act, is a dynamic leader dedicated to cutting through the noise and empowering small business owners to shape their futures. With a rich background in law, advertising, and business development, Jesse's journey reflects a commitment to diverse experiences and a passion for driving impactful change. Strategic thinker and mentor, he thrives on connecting the dots for entrepreneurs, guiding them towards growth and success. As Third Act’s founder, Jesse leads all client engagements and oversees teams of subject matter experts, setting the overall strategic vision in line with each client’s unique goals. He's business development leader directly responsible for capturing nearly $100m in new revenue for global marketing and creative agencies like Publicis or Invisible North, Jesse developed and managed new go-to-market strategies and service offerings, while driving sales and growth planning from conception to execution.

Leadership Philosophy:

Jesse believes in the power of pushing through discomfort, fostering curiosity, and embracing diverse perspectives. His leadership philosophy is rooted in collaborative efforts, recognizing that the best outcomes emerge when we unite strengths and ideas. This approach has been fundamental to his success in both agency environments and the entrepreneurial realm.

Professional Journey:

Having transitioned from leading business development in global agencies to founding Third Act, Jesse’s professional journey signifies a desire for direct client impact and a consultative approach. His ability to leverage a network built over years in the industry has proven instrumental in offering valuable insights to clients and mentees alike.

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