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Jamie Frew of Carepatron: Navigating Healthcare Challenges

Welcome to the interview series hosted by Jesse Samberg. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jamie Frew, the founder of Carepatron, a healthcare platform aimed at bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility. Jamie shares insights into the challenges of creating a platform to address such a massive issue, the unforgettable impact Carepatron has had on clients, and the future plans for the business. Join us as we delve into Jamie’s journey in navigating the small business landscape and overcoming hurdles in the healthcare industry.

Interviewee Name: Jamie Frew

Company: Carepatron

Intervirew Host: Jesse Samberg

The Interview

Let’s get started. First, we’d like to know more about how you started your business journey

Jamie Frew : I spent years in the healthcare and tech trenches, tackling big projects and doing strategic work at companies like Telstra and ANZ. Driven by my passion for bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility and democratization of healthcare tools for practitioners regardless of socio-economic status and geographical location, Carepatron was born in late 2021. This is in partnership with my co-founder, Carepatron’s CTO, David Pene.

Reflecting on your business history, what stands out as the single greatest challenge you’ve successfully navigated, and how did you overcome it?

Jamie Frew : The main challenge is creating a platform encompassing such a massive issue as healthcare inaccessibility for practitioners and patients alike. Every day, we hear stories of people not being able to get the proper healthcare they need and deserve because of so many dividing factors. On the other hand, practitioners have the passion and dedication to make their services available, but resources and methods that enable them to do their work properly are not something that comes by easily even in today’s advanced age.

Coming up with the idea for Carepatron and what it will be about, what it will stand for, who it will cater to and benefit — all these things are significant hurdles. But I’m overcoming these challenges every day by trusting the right people — the growing Carepatron team — to be on this journey with me.

Businesses often face ongoing challenges. What does your business consistently grapple with, and how do you tackle these challenges head-on?

Jamie Frew : As mentioned previously, tackling such a colossal problem as healthcare accessibility on a global level takes time, effort, and dedication. Each day there’s a new technology to understand, a spike in healthcare statistics that isn’t in everyone’s favor — so many things. But while we’re still not halfway through reaching our goals, seeing day-to-day results as we go about each of our roles in the company lets us know we’re headed in the right direction.

Did I mention we’re a fully remote team? We strongly believe that talented, capable, and highly motivated people can come from anywhere across the globe and that’s the biggest ace we have towards these hurdles we’re successfully navigating each day.

Can you share with us the most unforgettable story involving a customer or client? What made it memorable, and what lessons did you draw from the experience?

Jamie Frew : Early on, a team who was struggling to provide virtual services to remote and regional clients reached out to us. These clients were experiencing significant mental health challenges and were often unable to receive any of the support they required. Over an 8-week period, through implementing the right software, tools, and workflow, they were able to increase services delivered by 217% while reducing the friction and burnout on their clinical team. I have no doubt this saved the lives of some of their clients.

Looking ahead, what are your current plans for your business when you retire?

Jamie Frew : I have no plans to retire. My focus is building great healthcare communities and products that change the world. I do acknowledge, however, that I don’t always have the time to do the work that is needed. But that’s when the role of a driven team comes into play. I believe a good leader is someone who knows how to ask for help and collaborate to make grand visions happen and that’s something I aspire to be every day.

Navigating the small business landscape can be both challenging and rewarding. Can you share a bit about the specific hurdles you’ve encountered in areas like sales, marketing, and adapting to changing customer trends?

Jamie Frew : The largest challenge we have is building a truly loveable Healthcare OS. Developing healthcare platforms is difficult and takes a lot of time and resources. But all progress we make is a win in our book. We see it as necessary steps in making our vision a reality and while there’s still a long road ahead, we know that we’re not just standing by but rather doing something about making a change.

As I’ve reiterated over and over, having a collaborative relationship with the team is essential. It helps recognize areas of improvement in all sides of the business and helps address them effectively and efficiently. Having a global team also allows us to learn more about emerging trends not just in one location but in multiple sites and across multiple cultures, which significantly comes into play when ideating our next big business and product development.

Leaders Perception magazine would like to thank Jamie Frew and “Carepatron” for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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