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Navigating Real Estate Challenges: Warner Quiroga’s Story of Resilience

Leaders Perception Magazine is currently running an interview series called – Leadership in Times of Crisis
Today, we had the opportunity to interview Warner Quiroga who is a President/Ownerat Prestige Homebuyers.

Meet Warner Quiroga, the President and Owner of Prestige Homebuyers, a prominent real estate investor based in Long Island, NY. Warner’s expertise lies in buying houses for cash, renovating and reselling them, while also maintaining a portfolio of rental properties. In his quest for efficient investment management, Warner relies on virtual assistants from diverse locations.

Interviewee Name: Warner Quiroga

Company: Prestige Homebuyers

Warner Quiroga’s favourite quote: I love this quote from Jonathan Mcbride – “Leadership is not about control. It is about who follows you when they’re uncertain.”

The Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your backstory?

Warner Quiroga : My name is Warner Quiroga, a Real Estate Investor that buys houses for cash to fix and flip while some of my properties I keep as rentals. Our company is Prestige Home Buyers, located in Long Island, NY. In order to manage my investments efficiently, I utilize the services of virtual assistants from diverse locations.

Could you please share a specific crisis situation you’ve faced as a leader and walk us through the strategies you employed to navigate through it successfully? What were the key decisions and actions you took, and what were the outcomes or lessons learned from that experience?

Warner Quiroga : As a real estate investor, I once faced a challenging crisis when I discovered that the property I had purchased was occupied by squatters who threatened me upon my attempt to reclaim the property. This situation not only jeopardized the safety of all parties involved but also posed a risk to my investment. In the face of threats, I maintained my composure and avoided escalating the situation through confrontation. I sought the advice of my real estate attorney who specialized in such cases to guide me through the legal process and ensure that my actions were in compliance with the law. Through the legal process and with the help of local authorities, the squatters were eventually removed from the property without any further incidents. This experience had taught me to do thorough due diligence when purchasing a property, including checking for potential issues like squatters.

From your observations, what common mistakes or pitfalls have you seen leaders fall into during a crisis?

Warner Quiroga : In the midst of a crisis, it can be easy for leaders to focus solely on immediate problems. However, neglecting the long-term consequences of decisions made during a crisis can lead to more significant issues down the road.

During a crisis, it is crucial to identify and focus on the most critical issues. Leaders who fail to prioritize may become overwhelmed and struggle to address the most pressing concerns effectively.

Some leaders underestimate the severity of a crisis or make overly optimistic assumptions about the potential outcomes. This can result in inadequate preparation and poor decision-making.

Lastly, in times of crisis, it is crucial for leaders to demonstrate empathy and understanding towards those affected by the situation. Failure to do so can result in disengagement and a loss of morale among team members.

Leaders Perception would like to thank Warner Quiroga and Prestige Homebuyers for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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