Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Peter King – Authority Builders – On Top 5 Mistakes When Starting A New Business

Leaders Perception Magazine is currently running an interview series called – What Are The Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Starting A New Business?

Today, we had the opportunity to interview Peter King who is a Co-founder at Authority Builders.

Interviewee Name: Peter King

Company: Authority Builders

Peter King’s favourite quote: The starting point of all achievement is desire’- by Napoleon Hill

The Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your backstory?

Peter King : My name is Peter King. I’m a co-founder of Authority Builders, a company that promotes numerous themes to broaden website exposure and raise rankings. It’s a dream come true for me to have the chance to create an excellent company from the ground up with talented individuals working with me. I have worked in sales and business development for UK1 Cloud in addition to my position as a co-founder. I’ve worked for Van Plus as a director as well. I have more than 5 years of experience in the field I work in now, and I have a deep understanding of business, marketing, and SEO.

In your opinion, what makes your company stand out? Any examples?

Peter King : My business helps people and businesses become more prominent online by boosting rankings and organic website traffic. We are committed to the methods rather than the destination, unlike others. In order to keep clients, we therefore endeavor to obtain natural, high-quality links as opposed to manipulating traffic.

What are the TOP 5 mistakes people make when starting a new business? Please share advice/examples for all of them.

Peter King : One of the biggest mistakes people make when establishing a new business is attempting to be a ‘lone wolf’ i.e. operate alone. Even if you have a fantastic company concept, being stubborn and choosing to do it alone rather than seeking assistance can welcome failure. Sometimes, this behavior is motivated by ego or skepticism towards having business partners. You need help with some things. When shared, needs are better satisfied. As a result, first-time business owners must be willing to develop new partnerships (if required, outside of their social circle) to assemble a dream team that can envision and work together to give life to their business empire.

Leaders Perception magaizne would like to thank Peter King for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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