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Leadership Courses – Develop Your Skills to Lead Teams

Enhance your ability to lead with our leadership courses. They are made to boost your skills. You’ll learn how to lead teams well. These courses cover key areas like smart thinking and making the right choices. Plus, you’ll get good at managing teams and talking effectively.

Are you already a leader or dreaming of becoming one? These leadership courses will give you the knowledge and tools. You can use them to help your team achieve goals. You’ll also learn how to leave a strong mark on your company.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop comprehensive leadership skills to lead teams effectively
  • Enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities
  • Master effective team management and communication techniques
  • Unleash your potential as a seasoned executive or aspiring leader
  • Drive team success and make a lasting impact in your organization

Flagship Programs for Leadership Development

Our top leadership programs give you everything you need to excel as a leader. You’ll dive into skills that are key to leading a team well. This way, you can create success for your team and company.

Essential Facilitation®

This course is all about making meetings and workshops more effective. You will pick up tips to get people involved, promote working together, and lead talks to real solutions.

Facilitative Leadership®

Facilitative Leadership® teaches you to lead through cooperation and solve problems together. You’ll learn how to bring out the best in your team by tapping into their combined wisdom.

Managing with Impact™

Managing with Impact™ shows you how to supercharge your team and make important calls. You’ll dive into the best ways to manage a team, solve problems, and make decisions that really count.

Mastering Meetings™

Mastering Meetings™ is designed to make your meetings more efficient and exciting. Discover the secrets to scheduling, leading, and wrapping up meetings that lead to concrete outcomes and keep everyone excited.

These key programs offer leadership development, management training, and executive coaching to make you a standout leader. You’ll be well-equipped to form a top team and lead projects that drive growth and development in your company.

Special Topics in Leadership Courses

Our leadership courses focus on key areas for growth. They cover everything from strategic thinking to strategic leadership skills. You’ll learn to face tough challenges, make smart choices, and guide your team to lasting success.

Strategic Thinking

Find out how to think big and choose wisely. You’ll look at what’s happening in the market, spot new chances, and plan ahead with a strategic leadership style. This approach helps your group and business grow.

Strategic Leadership Skills

This course boosts your leading skills in a big way. You’ll get good at painting a clear picture of success, getting your team on the same page, and making real change happen. Plus, you’ll learn how to keep ahead of the game, use your resources wisely, and inspire new ideas.

Successful Teams in Action

Learn the keys to creating and leading strong, collaborative teams. You’ll pick up useful methods to make your team work better together, talk more effectively, and bring all members up to their best game. You’ll also learn how to manage bumps in the road, divvy up work, and build a place where everyone does well.

Women in Leadership

This course is for women ready to lead or already leading. It addresses the unique issues women leaders might face. You’ll learn how to fight bias, grow strong networks, and stand up for yourself. Plus, you’ll figure out how to use your strategic thinking and communication to push your career forward and lead the way for future women leaders.

Action Accelerators for Quick Learning

leadership development

Our leadership development offers quick, impactful learning through our Action Accelerator courses. They are designed to boost your leadership skills right away. You’ll cover essential topics for leading, no matter the team setup.

Influence Key Stakeholders™

This course will teach you how to persuade and influence key people. You’ll learn powerful techniques to get others on board with your ideas.

Tame the Online Meeting Monster™

Virtual meetings can be tough, but our program will help. You’ll learn to make online meetings engaging and effective. Master the digital space to keep your team focused and united.

Really Listen & Understand People™

Great leadership starts with effective communication. Learn the skills of active listening, empathy, and understanding. You’ll form stronger bonds and trust with your team.

Build Trust & Rapport™

Trust is key for any team or company. Our program will show you how to build trust-based relationships. Find out how to be seen as reliable, honest, and caring by your team.

Engage Everyone in Hybrid Meetings™

Hybrid work demands new meeting leadership skills. This course will help you engage both in-person and remote team members. Learn how to lead truly inclusive meetings.

Lead with Purpose & Empathy™

Great leaders inspire by showing purpose and empathy. You will learn to define your leadership’s purpose and care for your team’s well-being.

Raise & Address Difficult Subjects™

Discussing tough topics is a vital leadership skill. Our program will give you the tools to tackle hard issues in a positive way. This leads to more open, honest conversations.

Ask Better Questions to Get Better Solutions™

The power of asking good questions is huge in leadership. Discover how to ask questions that lead to new insights and innovation. Engage your team in solving complex problems effectively.

Present Online with Confidence™

Today, every leader should be able to give great virtual presentations. This course will boost your confidence and teach you how to engage your audience online.

Give Feedback from a Distance™

Providing feedback remotely can be hard. Find out how to give actionable, constructive feedback even from afar. These best practices will help you lead your team effectively.

Join our Action Accelerator courses to improve your leadership skills fast. See immediate changes in your work.

Leadership Courses from Top Universities

university leadership courses

Elevate your skills with courses from leading universities. The Leading People and Teams Specialization from the University of Michigan is top-notch. It covers essential topics like inspiring and motivating, managing talent, and influencing others.

It also includes a capstone project. This project lets you put your learnings into practice. You’ll be taught by top-notch faculty.

leadership skills


team management

are key focuses of these courses. You’ll also learn

talent management

to complete your skill set.

Course Focus Outcomes
Inspiring and Motivating Individuals Explore strategies to inspire and engage team members Develop the ability to motivate and empower individuals to achieve their full potential
Managing Talent Gain insights into effective talent management practices Strengthen your skills in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent
Influencing People Learn techniques to effectively influence and persuade others Enhance your ability to build buy-in and drive change within your organization
Leading Teams Develop strategies to foster high-performing, collaborative teams Cultivate your skills in leading, motivating, and aligning teams towards common goals
Leading People and Teams Capstone Apply your learning in a real-world project Demonstrate your mastery of university leadership courses and online leadership development concepts

Science-Based Leadership Development

Our leadership programs are based on knowing how human minds work and leading effectively. They are the result of a lot of research and real stories. We make your leaders better by using both online and face-to-face learning. This way, learning becomes personal and has a lasting effect.

We offer training that’s based on the newest ideas in group psychology. This equips your leaders to deal with tough issues and make teams excel. They get to learn through interactive classes, one-on-one coaching, and real work situations. This way, your leaders can reach their full potential and make a real difference in your company.

Our courses focus on the science behind being a strong leader. They look at how our thoughts, feelings, and social lives shape our leadership. We design our lessons so they impact your leaders directly. With skills like making the right decisions and being a good listener, they’re in a better place to lead well and motivate their teams.

Formats and Delivery Options

At our organization, we know that everyone learns differently. That’s why we have many ways for you to learn leadership training formats as you like. We want to match your unique needs and choices.

Live In-Person

Our in-person leadership courses really let you dive in. You’ll take part in games, talk in groups, and even try being in others’ shoes. This helps you learn from others and get feedback from our skilled teachers.

Public Workshops

Do you like learning with people from all over? Our group workshops let you do just that. You’ll meet others from different jobs. This lets you share great ideas and learn new tricks together.

Live Online

If meeting in person is tough, our virtual leadership courses are here for you. You get the same smart content and fun online. Learn from home but still talk with others and the teacher.

Custom Blend

Looking for something made just for you? Our mix of online and in-person learning could be what you need. You get to pick when you learn certain things. It fits your schedule and helps you grow as a leader.

Short Courses

Got a lot on your plate but still want to learn? Our quick short leadership programs are perfect. They focus on key skills. This way, you learn fast and can use what you know right away.

No matter how you like to learn, we’ve got you covered. Our wide choices of ways to learn leadership training formats fit what you need. This includes how your team learns and what you want to know.


Improving your leadership skills is a key step towards personal and team success. Our leadership courses offer tools to boost your strategic thinking, team management, and communication. Take the first step towards becoming the leader your group and business deserve.

Our leadership development revolves around proven, science-backed strategies. We mix advanced research with real-life wisdom to bring you effective programs. Whether it’s university courses, executive coaching, or management training, we aim to make you a better leader with confidence and purpose.

We cater to leaders at all stages, offering flexible learning that fits your schedule. Choose from in-person workshops or online sessions. With our help, unleash your untapped leadership skills and make a difference in your field.


What are the flagship leadership development programs offered?

The top leadership development programs include Essential Facilitation®, Facilitative Leadership®, Managing with Impact™, and Mastering Meetings™. They help you improve at leading teams and running meetings smoothly.

What special topic leadership courses are available?

Special courses focus on Strategic Thinking, Strategic Leadership Skills, Successful Teams in Action, and Women in Leadership. They teach ways to handle big leadership challenges, achieve team success, and support women leaders.

What are the Action Accelerator courses?

Action Accelerators are quick leadership courses. They help in influencing stakeholders, managing online meetings, listening well, and more. These are practical skills to grow your leadership abilities fast.

What leadership courses are offered from top universities?

The University of Michigan offers a course on Leading People and Teams. This course helps you inspire, manage, and influence individuals and teams. It ends with a Capstone project to put what you learn into practice.

How is the leadership development grounded in science?

Leadership programs are based on solid research and practical insights. They combine psychology and leadership science to improve how you lead. Expect to see a real difference in your leadership skills.

What flexible formats and delivery options are available?

Leadership courses are available in many ways. You can choose from in-person, online, or custom programs. This lets you pick what works best for you.

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