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Jack Lau from Litespace: Navigating Challenges in HR Engagement

Welcome to our interview series, where we delve into the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. I’m Jesse Samberg, your host for today’s conversation.

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jack Lau, the founder of Litespace, a company dedicated to improving workplace engagement in hybrid and remote settings. Jack shares with us the inspiration behind starting his business and the challenges he has successfully navigated along the way. From addressing the complexities of HR engagement to developing a comprehensive platform, Jack’s insights shed light on the hurdles faced in the small business landscape. Join us as we explore Jack’s entrepreneurial journey and gain valuable lessons for navigating the ever-evolving business world.

Interviewee Name: Jack Lau

Company: Litespace

Interview Host: Jesse Samberg

The Interview

Let’s get started. First, we’d like to know more about how you started your business journey

Jack Lau : We noticed a growing disconnect in the workplace, especially with most employees at hybrid and remote companies experiencing a significant lack of engagement. This sparked a conversation between my future co-founder and me about these challenges. It wasn’t long before our shared vision and determination led to the birth of Litespace, our endeavor to bridge these gaps and foster a more connected and engaged work environment.

Reflecting on your business history, what stands out as the single greatest challenge you’ve successfully navigated, and how did you overcome it?

Jack Lau : The challenges within the HR landscape are multifaceted and notoriously difficult to address, particularly when it comes to engaging individuals. The human element inherent in this issue adds a layer of complexity. In response, we’ve engaged with a wide array of individuals to uncover insights and patterns, leading us to understand that a singular approach to engagement simply doesn’t exist. This realization has underscored the necessity for a comprehensive platform that enables HR professionals to seamlessly manage and tailor engagement programs and strategies to meet diverse needs.

Businesses often face ongoing challenges. What does your business consistently grapple with, and how do you tackle these challenges head-on?

Jack Lau : Developing a comprehensive tool is a challenging endeavor. We’ve devoted substantial effort to identify the key pain points and create a platform that is both simple for users and effective in addressing their needs. Collaboratively, we’ve teamed up with design partners who are committed to ensuring the platform is not only well-constructed but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Can you share with us the most unforgettable story involving a customer or client? What made it memorable, and what lessons did you draw from the experience?

Jack Lau : One particular feature was urgently needed by our client, and we were determined to address this need. To make this happen, our dedicated team embarked on an intensive effort, committing to three full days of focused coding to deliver a solution.

Looking ahead, what are your current plans for your business when you retire?

Jack Lau : We have a long journey ahead, and admittedly, we haven’t given much thought to retirement yet.

Navigating the small business landscape can be both challenging and rewarding. Can you share a bit about the specific hurdles you’ve encountered in areas like sales, marketing, and adapting to changing customer trends?

Jack Lau : Constructing a sales funnel and identifying potential clients to engage with during the early stages of your venture can be challenging. My top recommendation is to seek guidance from advisors who can assist you in navigating these initial hurdles effectively!

Leaders Perception magazine would like to thank Jack Lau and “Litespace” for the time dedicated to completing this interview and sharing their valuable insights with our readers!

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